Why I Became a Financial Advisor

Why I Became a Financial Advisor

July 27, 2016

By Jeremy Reif, CRPS®, Financial Advisor and Owner of Point Wealth Management

I have always been a leader. From elementary school through high school, I was a class leader and excelled in sports, which gave me confidence. This spirit inspired others to rely on me for support or advice. While this would become my calling, I didn’t realize it at the time. All I knew was that I enjoyed helping people whenever I could.

An Early Passion for Finance

Along with a passion for helping, my interest in finance started in high school. I played the stock market game in the late 1990s using fake money. During the Dotcom bubble, just about anything in technology was making money, and I saw an opportunity. I met with my parent’s financial advisor and started my first portfolio. When my investments started performing well, I took my hard-earned money from biking to work at Wendy’s and invested it. Eventually, the recession hit, and it humbled me, as I realized just how little I knew. From there, I was hooked at the possibilities for investing and the vast amount of financial knowledge I didn’t yet know.

Despite my interest in finance, I still didn’t know what I wanted to pursue as a career. In college, aptitude tests pointed me in the direction of the Department of Natural Resources. However, I could tell my heart wasn’t in it. Upon receiving a letter from the Dean of Economics congratulating me on finishing top of my class and suggesting I consider economics as my major, I had a moment of clarity. I had always been fascinated by the stock market and investments, so why not study it in more detail? Little did I know, this would be the start of my career passion.

I flourished in my economics classes and, after graduating college, interned at a local Registered Investment Advisory firm. In 2005, they took me on as an independent contractor, where I began my career and never looked back.

My Career Today

As much as I enjoyed my time as an independent contractor, I saw how different I was from many other traditional financial advisors in the industry. Too many were biased and would misguide their clients, taking advantage of their relationship and position of power. I wanted to serve as a truly independent advisor, build my own practice that aligned with my values, and provide people the best possible financial advice. This led me to found Point Wealth Management in 2015.

Today, I am proud to run a firm that strives to stand out from the standard wealth management companies. I believe clients choose to work with me and my firm because we are upfront and honest. We are committed to our clients and put their needs above all else.

My goal is to serve as my clients’ “doctor of finance,” helping them solve their unique problems and feel satisfied with their financial strategies and future. While my process with every client varies depending on their needs, the one constant every client receives is an open ear. I listen without judgment and take the time to gain a strong and clear understanding of what a client wants to achieve in life.

While not every day is easy, I can’t imagine being in any other career. There is nothing more fulfilling than helping other people. I like to say that when a financial advisor meets with a new client, there can be only one of two results: a positive or negative impact. I feel that 99.9% of the time, I leave a positive impact on people.

Let’s Connect

While I am based in Wisconsin, I like to maintain an active online presence and can meet with clients virtually throughout the country. If you’re ready for a different kind of relationship with a financial advisor, I encourage you to reach out to me today. I’d be happy to chat with you, review your current strategies, and see how I may be able to help. To get started, give me a call at 715-870-2450.

About Jeremy Reif, CRPS®

Jeremy Reif is an independent financial advisor with more than a decade of experience in the financial services industry. He is also the owner of Point Wealth, LLC, an independent fee-only financial planning and investment management firm. With advanced credentials and training in retirement planning and financial planning, Jeremy specializes in helping individuals and families pursue financial independence. Regardless of the services he’s providing, he focuses on talking openly about financial planning, the industry, common questions about retirement planning, and more to help everyday investors gain more confidence in their financial opportunities. Based in Wausau, Wisconsin, Jeremy serves clients throughout the state and can work virtually with clients throughout the country. To learn more, visit http://pointwealthmanagement.com and connect with Jeremy on LinkedIn.

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